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Benefits of Animal Flow, a fashionable fitness field among celebrities


Celebrities such as Elsa Pataky Pilar Rubio I participated in animal flow, the trending fitness field.east training The key is to imitate the gestures and movements of the animals and use your own body weight to improve mobility and strength.

of this system training Developed by Mike Fitch in California. In Spain, one of her biggest promoters and references is her Animal Flow Master Instructor Rafa Diez (@soyrafadiez).east training It combines exercises and poses such as yoga, pilates, capoeira and can practice as much as you want training independent or group

Rafa Diez is an Animal Flow Master Instructor and one of the largest promoters and leaders in the field in Spain. He teaches courses all over the world.

“And it’s a quest for quality, a point where limitations disappear and where we find the true abyss, exploring what makes us feel strong and vulnerable at the same time, and what makes us human. It’s about exploring the part of our movement that we think we’re in control of, but really it’s all about greeting strangers, as if it’s the first time we’ve passed that point. is,” explains Rafa Diez. Fashionable and the choice of more and more celebrities, this exercise verbalizes the philosophy behind her routine.

There are many benefits of practicing animal flowOne of which is that you can do it anywhere because you don’t need any special tools or support other than your own weight. Additionally, because the routines are personalized, the exercise can be adapted according to each person’s ability to practice it.Intensity and difficulty are tailored to each individual’s physical condition.

The point is to have smooth, dynamic and natural movements inspired by animal movements. Among the benefits of this exercise, we can highlight that it promotes body coordination, physical dexterity, flexibility, strength and stability. It relieves tension and gives a feeling of calmness and well-being.

Animal Flow promotes body coordination, physical dexterity, flexibility, strength and stability.

For example, one of the exercises consists of performing ape-like lateral displacements. To practice it, you need to put yourself in a deep squat position with your hands on the ground. Another exercise is called the Crocodile Walk. This is because it mimics the movements of this animal and requires good mobility of both upper and lower limbs.

“Understanding movement is about deciphering problems, learning how to use tools, and challenging our beliefs and sometimes fears. It’s about providing learning scenarios that are sufficiently challenging so that you can enjoy a high-intensity training,” explains the instructor. animal flowRaphael Deeds.


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