Bricklayers and Young Fitness Athletes Face Off to Test Their Strength: Thus Ends the Challenge | Viral


After bricklayers and young fitness athletes faced off in a series of challenges to compare their strength, tiktoker went viral.

an unexpected challenge

User-submitted videos @luisitotime2.0we find that participants demonstrate both resistance and the ability to exert leg and arm strength.

The first test is hit the boxing bagMason reached a mark of 7,718 points and Young Fitness reached 3,878 points.

The second test is stacking bags of cementThe bricklayer was able to carry 100 kilos without any problems, but the young man failed to reach his goal and fell several times.

Finally, Mason invited to the gym for repeated weightliftingBut this time it’s a leg press.

The weight carried by two people was 250 kilograms, but the mason could not stand the test and had to enlist the help of those who were nearby.

Click here for the viral video

“Well, you decide who wins.”The challenge’s organizers say it went viral on TikTok with more than 14 million views.

Mechanics know the power of masonry

After a bricklayer from Mexico gained notoriety for beating a fitness boy on TikTok with his strength, this subject decided to challenge the mechanic to see who was stronger between the two. As with Part 1, it didn’t take long for this challenge to become a trend on this social network.

about second challenge,this is 5-ton trucksame as they should pull by rope onlybut here the Masons could not win, giving points to their rivals.

Click here for the viral video

What to consider when starting a gym

When starting out in the gym, it’s important to consider a series of keys that guarantee good health. According to portal, these aspects can make the difference between quitting the gym after a week or becoming an integral part of your life.

  • Don’t get attached to your goals. It’s good to set goals and try to achieve them, but don’t obsess over them. The main and most important thing is that exercise is essential for living a healthier life.
  • Mark calendars and fixed schedules. It may seem silly, but this lack of planning causes many people to stop practicing sports after a short period of time.
  • Help yourself: Before signing up for a gym, first make sure the facilities are adequate, the materials are of high quality, and the instructors are freely available.
  • Gradually pick up the pace: As you train more and more, you’ll be able to increase the load, and in a few weeks you’ll look back and be amazed at the improvements you’ve made.

What should I bring to the gym?

When you decide it’s time to exercise, MAG will tell you what accessories to pack in your gym bag.

  • Tomatoes for water: You should always stay hydrated, especially if you exercise.
  • exercise towel: You need a towel to wipe your sweat.
  • Hair League: If you have long hair, a resistant scrunchie or scrunchie will be your best ally.
  • Sports gloves: Some routines at the gym involve weight manipulation and require gloves to take care of your hands.
  • smartwatch or smartband: It is not mandatory to wear it, but it is true that it is very helpful to monitor your performance.
  • padlock: Depending on the type of gym, you may be required to leave your belongings in a locker or locker during your workout.
  • change clothes: It is recommended to change clothes after completing the exercise routine. Please be sure to bring your underwear.
  • hygiene products: Bathing requires basic supplies such as soap, shampoo, deodorant, and body cream. Don’t forget to bring a bath towel and flip flops or rubber sandals for the shower.
  • fanny pack / kangaroo: Considering you’ll also need a place to hold your phone and store your lock keys while exercising (for traditional models), look for a kangaroo or sports belt where you can store them.
  • healthy snacks: Fruits such as bananas are welcome after training. Check with your nutritionist to see what other options are available.

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