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The Mayor of Cabañillas del Campo, Jose García Salinas, officially inaugurated the new “Municipal Fitness Center” on Wednesday, November 16, accompanied by two members of the city council’s sports area, Mari Carmen Martinez and Maria Soria. This same he is a new public sports facility that will welcome more than 700 of his users enrolled in the city’s ‘Fitness & Wellness’ program in town from Friday 18 November.

The inauguration ceremony of the facility, presided over by the mayor, was also attended by a number of councilors of the municipal corporation, the two architects who were in charge of drafting the project, from the “Barrio y Cameno” studio. Javier Irizar, Chairman of the CLM Advisory Board. Neighboring MPs from Cabañillas Aurelio Zapata and many neighbours, who did not want to miss this appointment. Also present were several workers from the sports department of the city council and a group of regular users of the sports facilities who have the privilege of opening various devices and rooms of the new infrastructure. Several teachers and students from the physical activity and sports training cycle taught in .

The inauguration began with the traditional unveiling of a commemorative plaque at the facility’s entrance. Pablo Santos, one of his local sports technicians, then gave a guided tour of the facility, showing the audience various rooms of the building. Finally, an opening statutory ceremony was held and the mayor made some handwriting on what this new infrastructure means for the municipality.

«Promoting the practice of sports is a priority for the Cavanillas City Council, as is providing adequate facilities for athletes. We are working on the investment of local governments in sporting goods. This center is a prime example of that. The building has been a very evident need in recent years, as the number of patrons in the city’s fitness programs has doubled, creating a much needed larger space to accommodate more people. ” Garcia Salinas commented.

The mayor emphasized that it was important in his speech. “A state-of-the-art sports center with state-of-the-art facilities to delight its users” «It features a magnificent, modern, functional and energy-efficient architectural design. It is an impressive building. ” examination.

Finally, Salinas stressed that after achieving this goal, it is time for the municipality to tackle the next challenge with respect to sports facilities. «On this historic day for local sports, it’s time to focus on the next task: the construction of the future Municipal Aquatic Center. This project has been commissioned by the same architectural team that designed this center. Starting in the first few months of 2023. ” The mayor is finished.

1,500 meters and an investment of 2 million

The new Cabanillas Fitness Center was built on the site of an old tennis court within the Ramiro Almendros Sports Complex on Via Valdemoma in town.

It has an area of ​​1,500 square meters and is a single-level conceived building with high ceilings to optimize ventilation. There are 5 large rooms for sports practice. The central area features weight training and cardio machines with dumbbells, weight benches, treadmills, elliptical trainers, and more. There is a specific glass room for ‘spinning’ with stationary bikes. In addition, he said that two rooms are see-through and dedicated to collective classes (yoga, Pilates, Zumba, etc.). One of his rooms has a movable partition that can be divided into two smaller rooms.

The building has a complete administrative office area, sports equipment storage attached to every room, modern changing rooms adapted to all types of users, and solar energy panels for water and heating on the roof. .

It’s technically a very advanced center and everything works through the computer bracelet you have. You can use them to access the center through the turnstiles at the entrance and open and close the lockers. It’s also connected to various machines, so your training data is stored there as well.

In addition, as the mayor moved forward, in the next few days the installation of a new 5-metre-high climbing wall, which will be installed on one of the building’s walls, will be completed on the building, giving the town the type of sport it has so far lacked. institution.

Construction of the center was put up for tender in November 2020 and closed in February 2021 for €1.9 million. To this amount you have to add the 323,000 euros required for capital investment. Work began physically in April 2021 and finished in September last year. Equipment and fine-tuning work has been done since then, ending with this inauguration and opening act.


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