Photo: Fitness granny shows off her toned body in a bikini and is on Instagram


fitness influencer Leslie Maxwell, 64usually wows his over 117,000 followers on Instagram with his photos. She showed off her toned body in a bikini. A native of Melbourne, Australia, jokingly writes: what do they look like? ”.

In the photo, the woman wore a white top and orange bottoms. She completed her outfit by simply letting her blonde hair loose, and his photo has already received thousands of likes.As expected, quickly Her fans showered her with admiration.

it looks spectacular. Photo: Special.

In another photo, the model was mistaken for her granddaughter by posing in the same outfit, Leslie wrote:Granddaughter Aunt Christophe We share a love of fitness and wellness.” Photo shows glamorous couple She is wearing leggings and a white sports top.

he usually gives healthy advice

A few weeks ago, Leslie, who always poses in sportswear, said her followers would probably get mad at her because she doesn’t like intermittent fasting. In order to do that, I think we need to pay attention to macros, not just training effectively like weight training. Don’t just rely on calories,” he said.

She usually uploads postcards in sportswear and bikinis. Photo: Special.

he wants everybody to do the weights

On another occasion, he also said: “I think everyone should learn to exercise… Everyone should learn to lift weights. both men and women. Learning to perform basic human movement patterns with some weights ensures a stronger, more balanced body.

He also said that the movements need to be done in the best possible way to get the best results. They’ve never done chest or triceps exercises,” he said.

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