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Do you think that exercise is just for physical fitness? of course not! Exercise makes us happier because it forms discipline and good habits, releases endorphins, oxygenates the body and improves quality of life. Meet the people who lead life, motivate them step by step and invite us to success with short videos.

Kawai Fitness

Kwai knows that when you love life fitnessas athletes and enthusiasts of physical activity in many disciplines have had the opportunity to succeed on social networks, bringing this lifestyle to millions of people around the world.

Within this trend, vertical video is gaining traction due to its usefulness on mobile devices. Because vertical video adapts to the entire screen, allowing you to have a more personal vision of who’s talking to you and what they’re trying to show you. So here are some tips to help your account shine among exercise enthusiasts.

1. adapt the format to the human body

The FITNESS MUNDIAL channel, with over 623,000 followers, uses this format to showcase topics like exercise, gymnastics, yoga, and nutrition. A vertical screen is ideal because it “adapts” to the shape and upright posture of the human body. Weightlifting, gymnastics and bodybuilding videos will show up very clearly in this type of recording.

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2. Suitable for face-to-face with your public

FitnessMania, with 950,000 followers, uses their phones at the gym, especially when lifting weights. The influencer also uses this for vertical vlogs, where she speaks directly to her viewers and offers advice such as skipping rope instead of running or tips to improve your butt with exercises that last a few seconds. I am This vertical form can be adjusted to your face shape to help create a feeling of intimacy with your coach at home!

3. Perfect format for small or confined spaces

With 531,000 followers, Pipe Arenas Sw don’t need a lot of screen space, so they take advantage of the vertical format through exercises in tight spaces like indoors and parks. This type of strategy also helps the general public to have a clear understanding of the exercises involved with bars, jumps and push-ups.

Leverage the vertical format to increase your social media relevance. The community loves receiving short, easy tips so they can recreate them at home. Follow Kwai’s Fitness Path!


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