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The 3rd “Malvinas Challenge Fitness Festival” Has Successfully Concluded


It was held at the “Bryan Toledo” sports center in the city of Los Polvoline. His 570 athletes from across the province of Buenos Aires showcased their skills at the event. There were challenges not only in the sports area, but also in the on-site semi-Olympic pool. Senator Luis Vivona attended the sports festival.

The 3rd edition of the Malvinas Challenge Festival Fitness was held at the ‘Bryan Toledo’ sports center in Los Polvoline. Luis Vivona, First Vice President of the Buenos Aires Senate, was with Juan Pablo Matas, Malvinas’ undersecretary of sports. Event organizer David Villagra.

Luis Vivona says: “The Malvinas Challenge will allow athletes from all over the province of Buenos Aires to come together in these beautiful creations, the sports he centers both Leo (Nardini) and Noe (Correa) have run.”

He then continued: As a nation, we need to keep up with this growing movement so that our people can develop it in the best possible way. ”

Juan Pablo Matas explains: With 570 athletes participating, this time he failed to register more than 150. ”

This CrossFit event is free. The Activity Grid has been split into the following categories: “There is a sporting community looking for this kind of event, which is why we are launching an open call. If you are up to the level of a local sporting event, welcome to Malvinas Argentina,” Matas added.

David Villagra commented: “Lewis is always thinking about the next event,” concluded his CrossFit athlete.


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